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Internet problem in UK











I hate, i hate , i so hate my intenet connection…….

recently i’ve been stuggling with my broadband internet connection at home.. the internet company that i sign up for kinda………..ok i don’t wan to insult anyone but i’m just wondering if they are doing their job as an ISP(Internet Sevice Provider)

When my internet connection is bad i always waste one or two pund just to call them. This is my advice never call a ISP company to ask for help you just end up paying more for your internet, change you ISP company or get a wirless broadband although they ar very expensive  their service seems more stable.

Have you ever meet internet problems before and how serious are they??










btw THIS is NOT a internet problem that we can fix ourself i think>.< pic from Sankaku complex,for peopel who are in this kind of situation please 絶望

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