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Saturday.. want to try something new so here is a game that i have been playing ^^The world ends with you… quite a epic title this is quite a old game so if you want to get your hand on it you must order it from your local store or get it on line, for example e-bay^^.

i got mine secondhanded( what an i diot owner that was). Since it was quite new i pay 80% of the original price( you can get 2 handed games in the UK and some of them are quite new so price  differs.

before we start here is a nother pic just incase your bored..













This game is rated 9/10 in gamespot but the user rating is more, 9.0 editor choice….. ok seeing all those rating give people the impresion… is this game That good…..

As a player this kind of game only came out once in a lifetime and i never regreated playing it. Here is the Pro and Cond


Wicked BG music and Charactor vioce,

Outstanding graphic with a sheek look ( basically its cool)

great battle format

overwelming storyline

great charactor design and charactor peosonality.

and many more…..( it goes on!!) 


The thing about this game that kills me its the time taken to learn how to play this game … yes ,… you have to play two screen at a time….( lol)

and there is only one savefile.. Bummer!

MOre pics

e37d7b8c81bef84724efebe285a3bc40_2The story begin in Shibuya, several real-world landmarks from Shibuya are re-created within the game, such as the train station, Shibuya Crossing, Hachiko’s statue, Dogenzaka, and more.(Cool! 2-D japan!).

The game follows main character Neku Sakabara as he’s forced to play The Reapers’ Game, which players are assigned task to complete. Fail to complete the task within the set time limit and the player is completely erased from existence = more like the torch in shakugan no shana but the torch are the players in a game to revive themselfs.

The enemy they face are call Noise … yeah noise… thats what Shibuya’s famous for.. well Neku is force to team up with a partner to fight the noise.. ( thats where the duo screen came in .. one for neku and one for his partner..)

for more infomation about the game visit the officail site ( its cool! hope that a blog could be this fun..)

and for more detailed review go here.

saviour the music>.<

Personally i think this game is worth both collection and trying..The music Rocks and yes you can listen to the music you bought in game!!.. wicked!!….

Please give this game a try.Must have for graffiti fans this game is full of them.

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  1. December 21, 2013 at 4:43 am

    One word “informative”, you broke down exactly what I have been looking for. Looking forward to reading more in the future.

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