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Something I found

fb88575c1c75083c637eb2f06615470b5670faffThis time is cross-dressing… what’s next-_-( picture has nothing to do with whats next…

well when browsing the net i found some trend going on in the otaku world with cross dressing, people started to send video on youtube that almost make you think that its the real thing ( boys who dress uplike girls and vice versa….. ) they are stating to over run the worlds population….meaning of cross-dressing here.( dont look at the picture in wiki it makes me vomit.)

haruhi pic from Gelbooru.

here is some sucessful cross dressing which consider  ” PRO ”

The bass guitar on the right is a KILLER ( i WAN!!!) Konata is my fav lucky  star charactor… music is GEE by SNSD

this one is one of the best i’ve seen .. the bass makes the song cool!!>.<

there is a girl in this two video .. can you know which is MALE and Which is Female??

BUT… the most important is the music….^^

here is more….

and more here.

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