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Live in UK_Another day 1

06052009134When you’re studying over sea in a college, every day is almost the same…….. …BUT sometime i stumble on some new discoveries…

for example, the bounty in the pic is from a shop which sells Korean and japanese stuffs…. HEAVEN!!! as a fan of japanese culture.. having this kind of shop near you house is better than getting a Jackpot( although monwy is still good)…

This is a frist time i write something like this its partly because of im out of idea and partly i wan to share my dinner online>.<..So here is the frist series of life in UK_ Another day.

Todays dinner is bought and not made….( late back from school and many thing to do, lazy…>.<)

06052009135 Delphi Couscous… Eat healty….. “Feel” healty

06052009136Its comes with many bits and pieces.. almost like playing with lego products.. but this is edible ( don’t play with your food kids).

06052009138 Arms loaded and Tuck in

This saved my life couples of time now since i’m dead buzy this week part being with piles of Homework and part being International Day comming up^^.

International day is held in my college every year and people from all round the world share something from their country with other people and the money we get from this event goes to a charity(T_T no money…)

Will write a post with picture next time after the event ^^ ( with some pic of food and other stuffs).

06052009139having dinner in front of my somputer means i can work and eat at the same time.. the drink on the left is one of the bounty i got from my hunt at the Asian shop.

writing these blogs take more than i predicted but i will not stop here, btw wonder if people know what is Couscous go Here.


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