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Live in UK-International day/chicken curry

08052009143Got myself into a sticky situation again… Cooking curry chicken and Coconut Milk rice for international day at school, my teacher here is so kind that she lend me her kitchen for the morning just to cook the things ^^ Yeah.

Have anyone ever went to some people’s house just to cook or having a sleepover?? Anyway here is what happen on that day^^

08052009140Arrived at my teacher’s house 7 am-ish in the morning.

This is my teacher’s living room… nice and cozy, note that the rooms in UK are smaller that the ones in Malaysia, since the rent here is unreasonably high.. you will get a small room for a high price…

08052009142Hmm the doorstep lacks some word…

08052009141Kitchen!! One of the best inventions in the world ^^ can’t live without one….

08052009146Start with the rice as its easier. Never cook rice before and this is surely the first time i cook rice in a pot and not a rice cooker..

but one trick i learn before is don’t trow away the water which is use to wash it, save it up for gardening purposes.

08052009145Malaysian Coconut milk ^^

08052009147This is watch the coconut milk looks like here in the UK.. Sloppy, thick and creamy texture. 

The map on the left is what my teacher left for me… I’m bad with direction and the map is suppose to be a short-cut to school… i hope>.<

08052009148When your oversea.. don’t hesitate to cheat.. Use some instant curry paste!!

08052009149Killed quite a few potatoes that day^^

08052009144More potatoes lining up to be diced.

08052009152Potatoes done>.<

Peeling potatoes and dicing them is hard… wasted 10 min on the piles of potatoes..

08052009153The chicken i bought is alrady sliced so i just plate them up..

08052009154Found some large pieces of chicken i another pack.. so i decided so cut them  up..

08052009155Mugen Ittou Ryu… 

08052009156Chicken undergoing my special sword technique. See this video for future explanation.

08052009157End of skill… Chicken done..

08052009158Tidy thing up abit…

08052009159Potatoes and curry paste in Pot simmering.

08052009161No, the bottle is just on the table when i took a rest while waiting for the curry to cook.. 

Woke up 5 a.m in the morning, resting is needed to prevent me from drowning myself while cooking the curry.

08052009162chicken goes into the curry. The curry now resembles a boiling pot of doom….>.<;

08052009167Maybe its bacause i some of this in…..wakakaka…. La Chinata hot chilli powder… hahahaha

08052009164Wonder around abit and found one of these in a room… I start to think that being a teacher does not mean you can’t have this kind of things in your house…

08052009165A closer inspection shows that the PS2 is not used for quite a while now….

08052009163Noticed this when i finish packing up to leave the house… nice guitar..

Therefore this is all the news on my curry cooking experience… the next post will be on the international day party itself… will post it later today when i have time…

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  1. Jason
    June 4, 2009 at 4:21 am

    wow you chop things like that…

    • Terry
      June 4, 2009 at 10:28 pm


  2. Jason
    June 5, 2009 at 3:03 am


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