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Kannagi Zange-chan

Kannagi Zange-chan nendoroid with a sign2 Post of nendoroid in a day… nendoroid are just soo cute>.< this is Zange-chan from kannagi nice with the sign and big red eyes.

Never watched kannagi before anyone here watched it ? Currently watching old anime.. yes i feel retarded …

Currently writing this post on a friend’s Mac ^^ nice apple design. Are there many Mac user here? This is my first time using mac and will use it again>.< . Wan a Mac need the design program and no virus com these days >.< my Kaspersky have 6 days left.. LOL.

Back to the nendoroid as Zange-chan is hitting me with the sign, Ouch!( double the pain double the pleasure ^^ yes I feel retarded) …

Kannagi Zange-chanCan someone tell me what is she holding?

Kannagi Zange-chan Blue eyeslove this face… cute imoto style ^^ the eyes are blue in this case . Do you have a sister type people living near you? I remember having a nice gal living next door never get to know her though>.<.

Kannagi nendoroid Zange-chan with nagiWonder what makes nagi soo surprised >.<. Like the overall artwork of Zange-chan love the saint-cross on here hair and necklace. 

Zange-Chan nendroid from Good smile company. Available for 3500 yen.

available for pre-order at the following sites:



Images, Nendoroid and Figma are all curtousy of Good Smile Company. and nendoroid.org.>.<

Zange-chan nendoroid get?

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  1. Tohno
    May 29, 2009 at 6:28 am

    in the second pic…
    Zange is holding an “impurity” that is a usually seen as an insect…
    This ZANGE is was my first choice but it was later to be cancelled for the side items and other faces doesn’t appeal to me…
    Only the Zange-chan normal face is cute…

  2. S1aoK1a
    May 29, 2009 at 9:09 am

    IMPURITY~~4th pic shows that Zange is more capable of catching impurity~~thats y Nagi was surprised~~

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