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Moe Mecha Satellite

Moe satelite Mecha GirlHere goes some mecha fever again with Moesome Satellites >.< OH ! Although mecha girls are common enough to run around the world but a satellite  IS somthing new i suppose.

With some carppy transaltion(and some picture) i manage to understand that this book seems to tell us about some satellite japan use to investigate the moon ^^

Moe satellite dictionary

The only problem here is that thay made it anime so some otaku will end up spending money to buy it, and we all know from here how much an otaku can spen^^

MOe satellite mecha girl comicAnd there is also a comic section >.< ……..drooling session(*~*) lol my otaku instinct is taking iver me again …… NOOOO!

While i try to recover from the cute girl above ones can go to AkibaBlog for more pictures and news(if you understand Japanese)


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  1. SlaoKla
    June 6, 2009 at 2:22 pm

    is the anime out yet?

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