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Crazy days

August 30, 2009 2 comments

I know many of you are waiting for my figure posts.. or maybe not..>.< for those who are… please wait a while as i am very busy now and writing a post takes up a lot of time when you have slow internet speed..>.<

The picture is from moe imouto >.<

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Stuck in a hole

August 22, 2009 2 comments

Now me is stucked in Kuala Lumpur…. but… i went with kagami… ^^ me currently finding a room for my daugthers which they could live in>.< sorry for the slow update.

i do have some pictures to upload and go through so updating will take a while.. there is no telling whether i will get my visa smoothly or not..>.< things will get bad if i don’t …

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K-ON! [MAD] Don’t say lazy ED remake

August 19, 2009 3 comments

remake of K-ON! ED Don’t say lazy [MAD] from nico^^ which was uploaded to youtube recently. WordPress can only use youtube and google videos…. >.< Read more…

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First day Back home

August 18, 2009 6 comments

I think this is the first time my face i shown on line…. oh well fell free to edit and destroy my face to you hearts content ^^ For those people who wan to pull my hair… its gone.. yesterday…. Read more…

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Me is back

August 16, 2009 10 comments

muuhahaOk guys i am back to my own home and its almost midnight and to make the situation worser i am still suffering from time lag ^^ but hey look what i got !! reviews and updates will come soon …. in the mean time guess what i have ^^


there will be a power out tomorrow so there will be no internet in my neck of woods so i will take the oppotunity to take some pictures with my figures…muahahaha

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Bad luck

August 2, 2009 5 comments

Due to some problem in the place i live i have a high possibility of moving out for a while to a place where there is no Internet >.< which means this site may not be updated frequently. I hate my luck…


Good news! the site will be back soon as i will be going back to my homeland next week or so^^ i have some surprises waiting back at home>.<… and when this site is back on track you can expect something nice ^^ cya then.

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Galett Fey Sowauge 1/6 figure Shina Dark

August 1, 2009 2 comments

Another Shina dark figure by RESINYA!.Resinya! is one of the many figure makers in the world and personally i think they are best in the way they sculture and colour their figure’s clothings ^^ Read more…

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