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Rina Ogata

Try to make up with some effort ^^ Rina Ogata from White Album. By GoodSmileCompany never got into the anime, any recommendations?GoodSmileCompany figure tend to be very superb in most ways ^^ which always does a critical damage to our defend less budgets >.<;

Nice effects on the shoes and legs, although the top of the hair seems squashed together ? or maybe its just me …

White Album OP , you really cant see anything from the OP…. can you?

i think i am start to want this figure …… OMG!! the cloths are just to nice ~

Rina Ogata and Yuki Morikawa both are idols form the anime ^^ they looks superd together ? then you’ll have to spend 6,500 yen for Rina and another 6,500 yen for Yuki. OUCH!

Rina will be available January 2010 while yuki has no release date ?!…..

another figure to get ?

News From GoodSmileCompany.

  1. Baka
    October 2, 2009 at 12:49 pm

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