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Dinner X Kagamiku

Dinner X KagamikuDinner at 12 am ….while finding my way out of this horrible night…. was living on leather shoes and organic paper for the past few days as eating the same things for one whole year is really not the best thing to do.Dinner X KagamikuNendoroids do make a photo look better ^^ that night’s……..THAT MORNING’S~ >.< dinner is sausage roll, cheese and spring onion Sandwich and Pocky.

Sausage roll taste like rubber which is the thing which looks like a deflated pillow…..

The sandwich is decent, however it will make sure that your friends stands 10 feet away from you if you have it for breakfast^^

Dinner X KagamikuBest thing of the lot … Pocky… which i manage to acquire from the local Black Market^^ kagami seems to be pointing at thing all the time…

Dinner X KagamikuTea is so good after dinner. I have a room mate from China so I could have all the tea i wan from him …… FOC muahahaha!

Taken that Kagamiku is my first nendoroid…. i absolutely love her ^^ any more nendoroid owners out there?

Currently taking picture with an Olympus SP-590UZ ^^ which is quite a replacement for us people who cant afford or are too inexperienced to use those huge DXLR cameras>.< Those lens do kill peoples…

Dinner with kagamikuFinally …. my university time table is really…… full and confusing… trying to understand it. Me still manage to arrive at each lecture before the lecturer though^^

  1. HolyOmega
    October 7, 2009 at 3:06 am

    Lolz, you actually brought your nendroid to dinner.
    Anyhows, have a good university time and don’t forget to keep in contact.
    Also, tell me ASAP if you are coming back.

    • October 7, 2009 at 9:55 am

      muahaha nendoroid are the best dinner partners^^ ….. (i feel sad saying that….)

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