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GoodSmileCompany AlphardThey already rolled out Canaan and how its Alphard’s turn ^^ GoodSmileCompany Alphard From the anime Canaan.for those who do not know what is Canaan Or have their memory deleted by aliens.. here is a clip for the recap.( show has ended already)

nice anime, although a bit confusing..

GoodSmileCompany Alphardagain Alphard and Canaan Has similar Base^^

GoodSmileCompany AlphardAgain Great job on the sculpturing.. especially the coat>.<

GoodSmileCompany Alphardis it just me or the smile looks a bit awkward?… is it too long?

GoodSmileCompany AlphardAt least there is a way to cover up the face nicely with the following pose^^

releasing date is March 2010 for 8,800 yen. Anyone getting both ^^? its worth the cash you know?

News from GoodSmileCompany.

  1. LukeTan
    October 20, 2009 at 11:40 am

    canaan most Nice For me ~

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