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Umineko no Naku Koro Hi

Umineko no Naku Koro Hi something that should be posted ages ago but was collecting dust under the tons of picture i keep adding to me folders >.< no to mention there is still come Kyushu picture to upload. Bird warning there will be a lot of BIRDS.

This was back in Kyushu >.< and these picture was taken on a ferry … the wind is strong enough to blow your pants away very dangerous^^

well since we are on the sea these would probably be Sea Gulls. They came when the are hungry… and i do mean HUNGRY>.<

The Tour Guide said that they are a bunch of highly trained Sea Gulls which will eat anything you held in your hand, but not you hand >.< . Used Prawn crackers that day seems like the sea gulls have revolutionise …


Hmm i wonder what are these two thinking…^^

>.< i can proudly say i took this picture^^

some are nice enough to stand still^^

I was too scared to employ any nendoroids into the photo shoot as they will be treated as food for either the sea gulls or the fish…( if they have fallen..)

Thats all folks ^^ hope you’ve enjoyed yourself >.<

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