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Sanguine Choleric Phlegmatic Melancholic

Its been a while since i sit i front of my computer in a corner of the world where i become the center of almost everything around me , much have happened during the pass few month, i’ve moved from one corner of the world to another where internet is snail like for who knows how long. Two months later i flew again back to this dreaded place where my life is on the line. What stand between me and my future is this institution call University where most people know as the most rewarding time of a person’s life is as a university student.

For most people University is where their future develops and comes into shape, getting their first job, falling in love with the class rep, and studying with friends through the night. These all seems normal to many of you out there in which most of you i admire. For me the first experience of studying in university is life and death, which anime to watch, what to do when i go back home and what ever make time flies.

I suppose most of you who know the word will think that i am writing crap and should not see these but to those who don’t know these four words are just a sand in a beach which in my case i have to shove the beach into my head^^. The good thing about it i, i now know what Melancholic means now >.<.

Finally just to say Hi and Tadaima, your host is back in action for those who needs it ( actually i was never far away O.0)

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