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A Magician’s Night “Mahou Tsukai no Yoru”

September 3, 2010 1 comment

A Magician’s Night Mahou Tsukai no Yoru a To be released Visual Novel by Type-moon. Much like most of the type-moon themed stories its full of magic and fantasy as given.Picture is from AkibaBlog which i hijacked. Read more…


Fate/stay night 遠坂凛 写真集 Rin Tōsaka Artbook

February 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Fate/stay night 遠坂凛 写真集 Rin Tōsaka Artbook the title says be drown under the beauty of Rin Tosaka… very deadly… more

More deadly Rin at Akiba Blog..

Top 10 Eroge Girls from Degenki G’s Magazine

November 2, 2009 4 comments

Top 10 Eroge Girls From Degenki G magazineTop 10 Eroge Girls from Degenki G’s Magazine, this is the third Hijack from Sankaku and the third top 10 ~ this time its all about eroge girls some of them are what people want and some are real? Eroge is ecchi so … its good^^ Read more…

Kinokuniya loot

October 7, 2009 4 comments

a load of magsA load of magazine from my last trip to Kinokuniya Bookstore. I feel bad not sharing it so…. i took some pictures and “share” …… muahaha. Read more…

Fate/ Stay Night movie

July 31, 2009 13 comments

Fate stay nightFate stay night is getting it own movie ^^ just like most of the type moon animes which are moviefied. The most common example being kara no kyoukai. Read more…


July 5, 2009 6 comments

_CANAAN_-_01_CANNAN_ EP_ 1CANNAN EP 1 review hope you enjoy it ^^ Read more…


July 5, 2009 8 comments

calendar canaan canaan_(character) takeuchi_takashi type_moon JulyIts 2 am here and i decided to post CANAAN before i sleep .. EP1 is out and the Opening and Ending song are on youtube so here is it. Read more…

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